About Us

Welcome to “Are You a Bucket?” – the most realistic 1-on-1 basketball format ever created, combining IQ, skill, and fun competition. Our game offers a unique and engaging way to compete against your friends and teammates through 1-on-1 gameplay.


Inspired by the restrictions and challenges found in real competition, “Are You a Bucket?” Brings an immersive experience where each card determines your scoring options, constraints, and move suggestions. From designated spots to bonus opportunities, every aspect of the game is designed to capture the challenges and excitement of basketball.


Whether you’re a seasoned pro, an amateur, or a rec player, “Are You a Bucket?” promises fun and exciting 1-on-1 game play that will truly test your abilities to get buckets all over the court, in the most game realistic way possible. Join us in celebrating the spirit of basketball with “Are You a Bucket? 1-on-1” – where every card provides you with the opportunity to become a true bucket master – while proving it once and for all to your friends and teammates.