The word "myth" may not always be the right choice,

but when it comes to shooting programs,

the majority of them are severeley outdated!



 When it comes to shooting, information has been handed down generation to generation

in an attempt to teach all players how to shoot the basketball in the exact same way.

When studying the world's best shooters in history, however, the evidence is overwhelming -

the best shooters in the game haven't ever shot by the typical "shooting textbook".


Out of this need for change and perspective, Micah Lancaster and Bryce Stanhope have teamed

up to create the Shooting Checklist App - the ultimate guide to creating shooters.

By using Micah Lancaster's well-known and globally acclaimed checklist training approach,

along with Bryce Stanhope's world-renowned reputation as a shooting specialist,

the Shooting Checklist System literally molds and fits

to every player that desires to shoot the basketball better!


By extensively analyzing how the best shooters hold the ball, grip the ball, release the ball,

and ultimately shoot the ball in a variety of ways, the Shooting Checklist is designed to help

players find their own personal shot within the most systematic and customized shooting system ever created. 

Available Now in the App Store or Google Play for Only $199/year


The Shooting Checklist Training System is
NOT a typical “online training system”

  • There are no pre-made workouts that assume we know your schedule
  • There is no perfect set of reps, so our checklist provides flexible guidelines
  • The Shooting Checklist does not pretend to know who you are as a basketball player

We have a checklist of over 600 skills and methods that we do with a player and he’s in the 550s right now. We’ve almost gone through the whole spectrum of anything that we can dream of, and there’s only a few items left on the list that we need to swing back to...

Micah Lancaster, on Victor Oladipo's off-season training, to The Athletic

Here’s How it Works

The shooting checklist takes care of everything a player needs to develop their shot by assigning 10 items for a player to focus on each and every month. Instead of creating pre-made workouts and shooting charts, the shooting checklist leaves out all the guesswork, giving you 10 methods of emphasis per month to experience and repeat according to your own schedule.


After checking off each item, a new to-do list is assigned for the next month and the results are nothing short of dramatic. Best yet, the Shooting Checklist comes with Bryce Stanhope's Shooting Checklist Basketball (Month 1) and Shooting Heavy Ball (Month 2), shipped free within the Continental USA.


Combining the power of the Shooting Checklist with the first ever basketball designed to show every player how to properly position their hands according to what's best for them as an individual, this Shooting Checklist is a game changer for the art of shooting.


Here is what you get in your first few months of the Premium Shooting Checklist!


10 methods + shooting ball


You will start off with 10 Methods designed to start molding your shot without having to think about making major changes.


No need to worry about developing "bad habits". These methods are designed to make small subtle changes to your shot to enhance your form and increase your range through a natural process of elimination.


By the second week, you will receive the Shooting Checklist ball in the mail to support your training process 



As you receive your brand new Heavy Shooting Ball, you will start to work on perfecting the "order" of your shooting mechanics with strategic methods built around naturally eliminating sloppy and inefficient movements in your shot.


By month three, you will have a complete grasp of how to utilize the shooting checklist process.

At this time, you will start moving into the heart of our shooting methods to increase

everything from range, touch, speed and mastering game specific shots.


And this process continues each and every month with 10 new methods assigned to you each month!