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Train Personally With Micah Lancaster Around YOUR Schedule At The Skill Lab World Headquarters...

Get The EXACT Skill Enhancement Training We Use With
NBA™ Teams And NBA™ Allstars… On Your Terms!

Fully Supervised - Including Accommodation, & Ground Transportation

We HELP Create The World’s Most Skilled Basketball Players!

Over 200 Years Of Combined Coaching
Experience Went Into Developing Our Methods

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Work On The Key Skills That Distinguish The Pros From The Amateurs At Our State-Of-The-Art Facility!

Players Of All Levels Attend To Get The Personal Training Needed To Help Them Achieve Their Dreams!

Imagine how much your game and performance will increase when you spend between 2 to 30 days training with Micah Lancaster and his elite team of I’m Possible trainers.


You will undergo the same Checklist Training approach Micah has used with top NBA™ teams and NBA™ Allstar players, including Kyrie Irving, Brandon Ingram, Victor Oladipo, Karl-Anthony Towns and the entire Indiana Pacers’ squad!!


Micah and his game-changing methods have helped produce multiple #1 draft picks PLUS NBA & WNBA Rookie Of The Year winners.


Simply choose how many days you want to spend training with Micah, and level up your basketball skills.


The skills you master with Micah could open the door to potential basketball scholarships and accomplishing your basketball dreams.


You could follow in the footsteps of some of the most successful basketball players on the planet!

Trusted By


Kyrie Irving

“Micah Lancaster is one of the best in the business… hands down.”


Brandon Ingram

After training with Micah Lancaster and I’m Possible in both Michigan and Miami in the offseason, Brandon Ingram became a first-time All-Star and the 2019-20 NBA Most Improved Player.


Victor Oladipo

In 2017, after 13 weeks of training with us, Victor became a first-time ALL-Star & was Voted NBA’s Most Improved Player.

And The Entire 2018 Indiana Pacers Pro Squad

Accommodation & Ground Transportation INCLUDED!

When you come to join us, your accommodation is all taken care of.


Individual Players are welcome to stay at the I’m Possible guest house with our staff.


We have a full kitchen, recovery equipment and plenty of space to relax after a hard day’s training.


We provide fully supervised transportation between the guest house and the Skill Lab Headquarters for all players.


And we also provide private transportation to and from Gerald Ford International Airport.


Players who are in the 9th grade or above can attend without parents.


And we’ll also provide transportation for the players to grab groceries and other essentials during your stay.


(*Flights not included.)


Choose From 6 Custom Training Packages & Work Personally With Micah

The players that travel into the Skill Lab World Headquarters for training become an extension of our Family.


For those players, we are able to customize our training to fit their needs and their ambitions as a player.

From helping players develop for college, the pros, or to simply reach their high school goals, the Micah Lancaster skill enhancement experience is 100% designed to help players realize those dreams!

2 Days / 8 Hours


and leave with

5 Days / 15 Hours


and leave with

7 Days / 20 Hours


and leave with

14 Days / 40 Hours


and leave with

30 Days / 60 Hours


and leave with

Year Tuition


and leave with

Plus All Personal Training Clients Take Home Our Innovative, Proprietary Basketball Training Tools For FREE*

Depending on the length of your stay, you’ll walk home with a wide range of innovative training equipment, designed by Micah himself, to help accelerate your skills training and make it even more effective as you continue your training at home.


(* Take-Home Equipment Varies Depending On Your Length Of Stay.)

The #1 SkillMat In
The World

Proper footwork is the foundation of the game of basketball.

By studying basketball specific footwork in a unique way never done before, with cameras under the floor…

Micah extensively analyzed every aspect of footwork, every movement, and every move.

He tracked patterns and sought to understand every nuance and detail.

In this process, along with extensive film study of the best players to ever play the game, Micah’s vision of the Footwork Training System was created.

Every attendee takes home a free DrillMat.

(Value – $99.00)

Med GripBall

The Med GripBall was again designed by Micah to assist in your skill enhancement.


When you attend, you’ll go through plenty of skill methods that incorporate the GripBall.


Made from textured rubber, the balls don’t bounce and are easy to grip, opening the door to unique skills training methods that have been used with professional NBA™ players.

(Value – $10-$25.00)

RipCone Training Set

The RipCone v2 was designed with an innovative screw top and hole, allowing for attachments and RipSticks to be placed within the cone.

The RipCone training set is utilized by Micah to provide additional accountability and training variety for maximum results.

(Value – $50.00)

SB Shooting Ball

The Shooting Basketball is the first ever ball designed to provide rotational feedback to the player, while providing physical and visual grooves to help every player find and feel the correct hand placement for them.


This patented design helps shooters to know the exact rotation of their shots.


This will help with your consistency and your ability to shoot the ball more effortlessly.

(Value – $45.00)

Extra FREE Bonus When You Enroll Today:

Gain Immediate Enrollment as an IPT Elite Skill Member When You Enroll For Any Package, 5 Days and Above.

Get 1 Year’s Access To Every Single One of Our Online Checklist Training Programs to Continue Your Training From Home!
($2,000+ Value)

This World-Renowned Program Teaches 700+ Different Skills & Abilities

To help you succeed and fulfill your true potential as a basketball player, you can continue your I’m Possible training for a further 12 months, after your personal training has finished. You will receive our entire Checklist Library of Demonstrations.

Simply watch the video for each checklist task, perform the drill, and then check the box.


This is as close as you can get to spending a full year working personally with Micah, from any location on the planet! (Unless you come and spend a year at the Skill Lab of course!)


Allowing you to build upon your new skills and become the best you can be, and use the FREE equipment you take home at the end of your training camp.


Get The EXACT Skills Enhancement Training We Use With NBA™ Teams And NBA™ Allstars… On Your Terms!


Players in 9th grade and above can travel without parents and are welcome to stay at the I'm Possible Guest House with our staff, where players have a full kitchen, recovery aids, and plenty of lounge space.


Flight arrangements can be made to Grand Rapids, Michigan. We will personally pick players up and drop them off at the airport, and we will provide transportation needed for groceries and necessities.

Training App

All players leave with year long access to the I'm Possible Cloud with a record of what they worked on with Micah.

Long Options

Many players have stayed with us for extended months at a time, and up to a year. If you are interested in training for extended periods of time and need a custom quote, please contact us for details.

Still Have Questions

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