What is "Are You A Bucket?" game?

It's a basketball-themed card game where players use cards to determine their moves and scoring options.

How do I start a possession in the game?

Begin from the designated "Spot" indicated on the card.

What does the "Score" on the card mean?

It tells you where and how to score, guiding your play.

How does the "And 1" bonus work?

Score using the move suggested on the card to earn a free throw for an extra point.

What happens if I draw a "Pushups" penalty card?

The loser of the card does 5-10 pushups, as decided beforehand.

Are the tips and suggestions on the cards mandatory?

No, they are optional and meant to enhance the game experience.

How does the offensive player draw a card?

Draw a card in secret, so the defense doesn't know.

Can I take more than one shot per possession?

Only one shot is allowed per possession.

How do free throws and fouls work in the game?

Draw a new card for a foul. In case of disputes, shoot a three-pointer for possession.

Is membership required to play the game?

Yes, subscription of $2.99 per month is required to access all the cards. The demo game is open to all.