The Mat That Helps Create The World's Most Skilled Players

PROPER FOOTWORK IS THE FOUNDATION OF THE GAME OF BASKETBALL and Micah Lancaster has always had a passion for basketball footwork. By studying basketball specific footwork in a unique way never done before, with cameras under the floor, Micah extensively analyzed every aspect of footwork, every movement, and every move. Micah tracked patterns and sought to understand every nuance and detail. In this process, along with extensive film study of the best players to ever play the game, Micah’s vision of the Footwork Training System was created and the footwork revolution is now here!



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Original Gripmat

Replaced by SkillMat

The Footwork Training System in the NBA

Micah Lancaster & Bryce Stanhope have successfully used the footwork GRIPMAT and footwork training system with:

  • Victor Oladipo (NBA All-Star and NBA Most Improved Player award winner)
  • Brandon Ingram (NBA All-Star and NBA Most Improved Player award winner)
  • Karl-Anthony Towns (NBA All-Star)
  • Cedi Osman (Cleveland Cavaliers)
  • Malcom Brogdon (Indiana Pacers)
  • Furkan Korkmaz (Philadelphia 76ers)