Custom 60 Hour Full Payment


All payments are applied directly towards personal training and all packages can​ be customized based upon your travel and training needs. While there are no refunds for any of our Custom Training Packages, all payments can be held as credit for future Custom Training Packages.

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30 Days and 60 Hours of Training ($12,000)

Train with NBA Skills trainer Micah Lancaster and I'm Possible NBA Skill Enhancement Trainers

Complementary IPT Elite Skill Membership for a Year ($588)

Not only will you receive a full years worth of our IPT Elite Skill Membership, giving you every single one of our online training programs, but you will also receive complementary access to all of Micah Lancaster's Signature Weekend Clinics throughout the year. And that's not all, all IPT Elite Skill Members receive 10% off future Custom Training Packages when you decide to return!

Full Year Access to IPT Checklist Library ($500)

All players receive a year-long access to over 700 skill and method demonstrations.

Lodging and Transportation Included ($4,500)

Stay at either our men's or women's guest house, for all players grades 9-12. We also will pick you up from the airport, and provide you with transportation to and from the facility, grocery stores, and restaurants as needed.

Training Equipment ($213)

At the conclusion of your training, you will receive 3 RipCone V2 cones, a RipStick Set, a Med GripBall, a Shooting Basketball, and a Skill GripMat to continue your training on your own.

BONUS: Record of your training sessions

You will receive video examples of the skills you worked on throughout your 8 hours stored directly on your I'm Possible Cloud app.

Total Value: $17,801

Your Price: $8,500

I don't think there is a trainer on the planet that understands skill enhancement the way Micah Lancaster does. He just knows how to do things different and he gets amazing results out of players.

Bryce Stanhope - NBA / IPT Elite
Certified I'm Possible Trainer

I think Micah is absolutely the best in the industry of skills training. I don't know of anyone else that has the basketball mind that he has.
Tanner Lind - NBA / IPT Elite
Certified I'm Possible Trainer
As far as I'm concerned, Micah is the best trainer in the world. His knowledge is tremendous.
John Draine- Skill Enhancement Trainer
Certified Im Possible Trainer
I call Micah a basketball genius when it comes to skill enhancement. He's so detailed when it comes to the game and skills that my head almost exploded. It was so much information.
Marko Zelic- Skill Enhancement Trainer
Certified I'm Possible Trainer


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