IPT “National Skills” Camp: Wisconsin, June 10-12, 2024



$100 for all IPT Elite Skill Members


Location: Middleton High School: 2100 Bristol St, Middleton, WI, 53562


ALL PLAYERS: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

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This Is Your Kid's Opportunity To

Gain World-Class Basketball Skills

 Our mission is simple - to help players reach their full potential.


Watching our kids get cut, benched, and fall short of their goals is painful. To avoid these downfalls, players need to do more than the standard game situational reps, and work to separate themselves by training their skill-sets on a daily basis.


At Micah Lancaster's Signature Weekend clinics, players are taught how to train and manage their skills like never before, making this your chance to fuel your child's passion for basketball.


We give players ways to hold themselves accountable when practicing by themselves


- We ensure each player is placed at a basket according to age AND skill level so they never feel out of place


We make the art of skill enhancement fun and exciting.


- We give live corrections and feedback throughout each session with the detail we are known for around the world.


Our workouts are designed to make players feel like they are alone in the gym... no long lines!!!


- We provide the “WHAT” and the "HOW" to every skill, so players truly know how to perform each and every skill for the game.

- We don’t waste time with “game situations” that players already get from coaches and camps.


- We don't spend your valuable time playing games that you can find anywhere.


- We ensure each player is maximizing their individual potential by giving them skills specific to finding THEIR identity as basketball players.




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