Mastery Portal Certification

$100.00 / month

The I’m Possible Mastery Portal includes the base requirements for an actively certified I’m Possible Trainer, along with much, much more!

Note: The benefits of this portal will only activate if the trainer has passed the I’m Possible certification requirements beforehand.


  • Gain all the benefits listed within the I’m Possible Trainer Portal
  • Gain VIP access to the IPT All-Around checklist with 7 detailed teachings each week and trainer bonuses.
  • Add clients to the IPT app and be featured as a participant within the IPT Personal Training program.
  • Gain access to ALL our checklist apps (5 in total)
  • Eligibility to direct an I’m Possible Skill Lab facility and be referred to up and coming Skill Labs in the future.
  • Receive eligibility to become an IPT Elite trainer in status and opportunities

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