Ultimate Shooting Bundle

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The Ultimate Shooting Bundle is the best possible price for everything we have to offer! You will receive:

  • Three Footwork Gripmats
  • Ripcone Training Set
  • Med Gripball set (2lb, 4lb, 6lb)
  • Three Weighted Tennis Balls
  • SB Shooting Basketball (Note: Size 7 (29.5) is on backorder
  • SB Heavy Shooting Basketball
  • One Weighted Insole

Complimentary Training Videos include:

  • Micah Lancaster’s Footwork Training System VOD Series
  • Micah Lancaster’s Weighted Tennis Ball Drill VOD
  • Micah Lancaster’s Medicine Ball Training Vol 1 & 2 on VOD
  • Micah Lancaster’s Original RipCone Training Series on VOD



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