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Over 200 Years Of Combined Coaching Experience Went Into Developing Our Methods

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Kyrie Irving

“Micah Lancaster is one of the best in the business… hands down.”


Brandon Ingram

After training with Micah Lancaster and I’m Possible in both Michigan and Miami in the offseason, Brandon Ingram became a first-time All-Star and the 2019-20 NBA Most Improved Player.


Victor Oladipo

In 2017, after 13 weeks of training with us, Victor became a first-time ALL-Star & was Voted NBA’s Most Improved Player.

And The Entire 2018 Indiana Pacers Pro Squad

Train with Our World-Class Trainers, Certified by I'm Possible Training

There’s a good reason why the top NBA™ stars like Kyrie Irving, Brandon Ingram and Victor Oladipo have all used I’m Possible’s Training System…


It’s because this revolutionary new approach to training is the most effective way to become a more skilled basketball player.



Our proprietary Checklist Training System helps to make players the best in the world – and it works no matter if you’re a young kid or an NBA™ Allstar.

Here’s What You Get At The Skill Lab
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The most common training mistake is to find a personal trainer and cram as many workouts into a week as possible. This often happens in the “off-season” or a few weeks before a tryout.


As the world-leader’s in basketball skill enhancement, we know how to get players to the next level. This comes from not only enhancing your skills through our training program, but also spacing your personal training sessions out in a manner that serves long-term growth.

Personal Training with us is guaranteed to boost your skills to an ELITE level!


Our Skill Lab workouts are the exact large group training sessions that all of our Skill Lab facilities, located around the world, utilize to enhance and develop their players. These workouts focus on different skills each and every workout, and are guaranteed to follow the I’m Possible system, bringing you the results that we are known for world-wide.

Both players and coaches will notice your enhanced skills in all facets of the game, when you gain these powerful, elite-level skills.


We’ve worked with some of the world’s best ball handlers. Through that process, we’ve developed a system that breaks ball handling mastery into six essential categories: Mechanics, Techniques, Coordination & Rhythm, Physical Traits, Brain Processing, and Game Simulation.

Basketball footwork is possibly what we are best known for around the world. Micah Lancaster, developed the I’m Possible Footwork Training System after spending a year working with underfloor cameras while assessing the footwork patterns of the world’s greatest players.


For grades 1-4, our kids learn how to grasp concepts and skills from shooting and ball handling, to footwork, mechanics, coordination, basketball specific athletic traits, and more.

Our Kids Lab is designed and guaranteed to build the exact qualities ANY player will need as they get OLDER.

Training with us is a skill certainty - You’re Guaranteed To Improve Your Skills By The Very Nature Of The Way This System Is Designed!

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